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Where do we begin? Hmmmmm.

In conjunction with Disney's new film where the release date in Malaysia is on 1st December 2016, we decided to unbox some vinyl figures from Moana. The voice casts of Disney's Moana include the voices of Auli'i Cravalho as Moana Waialiki, Dwayne Johnson as Maui & Nicole Scherzinger as Sina Waialiki. 

Funko announced there will be 9 different vinyl figures from the film Moana where these Funko Pop!s was released late October / early November 2016. 

So what are those 9?

First of all, there will be a 2 pack of Moana with Kakamora which leaves us with 8 more designs where 6 of the designs are several variations of Moana. There is a Moana with her spear & pet pig Pua which is a Target exclusive & a Walmart exclusive of Moana in her voyager outfit. Apart from that, there are 2 variations that are only available at Hot Topic where those 2 are Moana as a young girl & Moana as a seated young girl. The last 2 variations of Moana are the regular pop!s where 1 of it would be Moana with Pua & the other a Young Moana. 

The remaining designs from this series would be Maui where there are 2 variations of him that are Maui with his magical hook which is a regular pop! & a B&N exclusive of Maui with his raised magical hook. 

So which Funko Pop! Disney's Moana will we be unboxing today? It will be the 3 regular pop!s & those are:
  • Moana & Pua (213)
  • Maui (214)
  • Young Moana (215)

There may be some spoilers of the movie below as we take a look at the characters of Moana, Pua & Maui but we will try not to elaborate too much on the characters. Without further a do, let's take a look at how each individual pop!s look like.

The first vinyl figure that we unbox was Moana & her pet pig, Pua. This pop! is numbered at 213 in the Pop! Disney category. Moana Waialiki in this Funko Pop! is a grown up teenager & she has the responsibility of becoming the next chief of her island, Motonui as per her father's request. However, she has her own dreams which is to leave the island despite her father's law that forbids anyone from leaving the island.

On the other hand, Pua is Moana's pet pig where this cute little pet acts as Moana's sidekick & Pua was with Moana since her childhood right up till the time she went beyond the island's barrier. However, Pua ran back to Motonui in fear as he was traumatised when Moana & himself almost drowned.
A closer look at Pua

Next up is demigod Maui where Dwayne Johnson voice this character. Maui has a fish hook on this pop! which is numbered at 214 under the Pop! Disney category. One thing that stands out when you hold this pop! would be the weight of this vinyl figure where it weighs at 240 gram. If you are wondering what his fish hook does, well, it's not an ordinary fish hook & let's not give anything away so you should watch the movie to find out what it can do :P However, we can tell you that many years ago, Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti where it is a small stone that has the power to create life.

A young Moana & awwwwww, isn't she cute? Take a look at the below picture. Young Moana under Pop! Disney is numbered at 215 & in the film, young Moana was the one that discover the heart that Maui stoled when she was collecting shells near the ocean. Young Moana vinyl figure can't stand on it's own or it will be quite a difficult task to do so but not to worry folks, there is a transparent standee given in the box that will be the base for this vinyl figure.

Now, for our favourites:

Dinesha's favourite

Mark's favourite

It's quite a short blog for today as there are only 3 pop!s that we unbox in this series & we wouldn't want to be a spoiler by typing too much about the movie so we will catch up with our reader's next week for more Unboxing Sunday. All right? 

That's all folks!

If you are interested in Funko Pop! Disney Moana, you can get this vinyl figures on our website where you can take advantage of our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales which will end on 28 November 2016.

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