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Let's go, Rogue One

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Few months back in September 2016, Funko announced their new line of Star Wars Pop! vinyl figures & collectors of Star Wars Pop! out there, brace yourself as there are 17 different vinyl figures for Star Wars : Rogue One. 

Yes, 17 !!! That's pretty a lot of designs to add to your collection.

As the movie is about to be release soon in cinemas near you, we thought let's do an Unboxing Sunday for Funko Pop! Star Wars : Rogue One. For two weeks.

Yes. You saw that right, two weeks of Rogue One. So folks out there, let's go Rogue One for today.

First of all, here are the list for the latest line of Pop! Star Wars where the 17 vinyl figures are:
  • 138 Jyn Erso
  • 139 Captain Cassian Andor
  • 140 Chirrut Imwe
  • 141 Baze Malbus
  • 142 Director Orson Krennic
  • 143 Darth Vader
  • 144 Imperial Death Trooper
  • 145 Scarif Stormtrooper
  • 146 K-2SO 
  • 147 C2-B5
  • 150 Jyn Erso - Hot Topic Exclusive
  • 151 Captain Cassian Andor - Only at Target
  • 152 Jyn Erso - Only at Target
  • 153 Saw Gererra - Walmart Exclusive
  • 154 Imperial Death Trooper - Walmart Exclusive
  • 156 Scarif Stormtrooper - Walgreens Exclusive
  • 157 Darth Vader - Only at Game Stop
Saw anything weird on the above list? Anyhing missing? Here is a hint, take a look at the numbers, are there any numbers missing?


Bravo for those who have guess that 148 & 149 from these Pop! Star Wars category are missing. These 2 Pop! vinyl figures will be in the Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty : Rogue One, which is a Funko Collector Box from November's issue. That'll be part two of our Rogue One hype so watch this space folks.

Out of these 17 different Pop! designs, well 19 if you include those 2 that are in the collector box, we managed to unbox 10 of it where these 10 would be the regular Pop!. Before we take a look at each of these vinyl figures & it's characters, do take note that all Star Wars Pop! vinyl figures are bobble-head.

First up would be Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jones, the heroine of Rogue One : A Star Wars Story. Jyn Erso was a former criminal that was recruited by Mon Mothma to go on a mission to steal the plans of the Death Star, the new ultimate weapon of the Galactic Empire. This bobble-head vinyl figure is numbered at 138 under the Pop! Star Wars category where Jyn Erso can be seen pointing her pistol in her right hand.

This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel " - Jyn Erso

Diego Luna portrayed the character of Captain Cassian Andor & he is the captain of the Alliance to restore the Republic's Intelligence branch during the Galactic Civil War. He too, with Jyn Erso went on the mission to steal the plans of the Death Star. Like all Star Wars Pop! vinyls, there is base for this Funko Pop! with the words Star Wars. This vinyl figure numbered at 139 can be seen holding his pistol in his right hand & his uniform looks some how similar to Han Solo's Hoth costume in The Empire Strikes Back.

If you're really doing this, I want to help " - Captain Cassian Andor

What about Chirrut Imwe?

Donnie Yen played the character of Chirrut Imwe in the film who is a blind spiritual warrior monk that is a strong believer of the Force. This vinyl figure is numbered at 140 & can be seen with a staff which is his weapon & a lightbow bowcaster which is in his left hand. His eyes is silver in colour due to the fact that this character is blind & it is unique as most Funko Pop! that you have seen before have black coloured eyes.

I fear nothing. All is as the Force wills it " - Chirrut Imwe

Baze Malbus as seen in the below picture is holding his heavy repeater cannon in this vinyl figure numbered at 141 in the Pop! Star Wars category. In the film, he is portrayed by Jiang Wen & is known as a freelance assassin who alongside his best friend, Chirrut Imwe whom he protects, joined the mission to steal the plans of the Death Star. 

" I fight the Empire now " - Baze Malbus

Ben Mendelsohn plays the character of Director Orson Krennic who was an old friend of Jyn Erso's father where he once rescued a six-month-old Jyn & her parents. You might think he is on the good side right? Well, he commands a squad of Death Troopers & is in charge of the security of the Death Star project. What do you think? The good or the dark side? Director Orson's Pop! vinyl figure looks similar to the film where he can be seen with his white Imperial military uniform with a white cape. This pop! vinyl figure is numbered at 142 under the Pop! Star Wars category.

The power that we are dealing with here is immeasurable " Director Orson Krennic

At number 143, we have our iconic Star Wars character, Darth Vader formerly known as Anakin Skywalker. Vader basically looks the same like the other variations of Darth Vader in the Star Wars Pop line with his iconic black helmet and suit.

" You underestimate the power of the dark side " - Darth Vader

At number 144, we have the Imperial Death Trooper who, collectively, are a group of elite Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire as well as the military intelligence. They serve

At number 145, we have the Scarif Stormtrooper, also known as Shoretrooper. These Stormtroopers are named after the planet they are on, Scarif. Also they are trained for tropical environments, hence the name Shoretrooper. 

At number 146, we have K-2SO, a security droid created for the Galactic Empire's Imperial Army. Following different events, K-2SO aligned himself with the Alliance operatives. Do catch Rogue One to find out what happened!

Finally at number 147, we have a droid which looks similar to R2-D2 but this droid's affiliation is with the Galactic Empire. Very little is known about the droids and Troopers of Rogue One, so do definitely check out Rogue One ;)

Now, for our favourites:

Dinesha's favourite

Mark's favourite

It's quite a pretty long blog for today due to the fact that we unbox 10 vinyl figures so we will end today's Unboxing Sunday here & let's catch up next Sunday for part two all right readers? Promise? 

We will count that as a yes so that's all folks, till next Sunday for another round of Unboxing Sunday!

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