Sunday, 30 October 2016

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon!

The title says it all. 

That's right, Sailor Moon & The Sailor Guardians is what we're unboxing this week! Before we start unboxing the Funko Pop!s, let's have a brief introduction on Sailor Moon & The Sailor Guardians.

Sailor Moon was originally a Japanese manga series & was later adapted to an anime series that was first aired on television in 1992. Some time later, there are different series of Sailor Moon which includes Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon Super S, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars & the newest of all would be Sailor Moon Crystal which is a reboot.

The original series in 1992 follows the adventure of Usagi Tsukino also known as Sailor Moon where she fights against villains from the Dark Kingdom that was led by Queen Beryl. During her adventure, Sailor Moon was joined by 4 other girls who was called The Sailor Guardians. 

The first of the four was the brain of the group & it's none other than Ami Mizuno who is also Sailor Mercury. Next up, she met Rei Hino who is the most practical and disciplined soldier. The third soldier Usagi met was the tomboyish but romantic Makoto Kino also known as Sailor Jupiter & lastly Minako Aino code name Sailor Venus (initially known as Sailor V) who possesses powers associated with love and beauty. Sailor Moon & The Sailor Guardians are often supported by the mysterious Tuxedo Mask where his alter ego is Mamoru Chiba (who will eventually become Usagi's romantic interest). 

Earlier this year during the New York Toy Fair 2016, Funko displayed sneak peaks of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus & Tuxedo Mask at their booth. Around July this year, the Sailor Moon Funko Pop!s vinyl figures was released under the Pop! Animation category. There are a total of seven figures including one pop! under the Hot Topic exclusive. 

The 7 pop!s with it's number are:

  • Sailor Moon & Luna (89)
  • Sailor Moon with Moon Stick & Luna - Hot Topic (90)
  • Sailor Mercury (91)
  • Sailor Mars (92)
  • Sailor Jupiter (93)
  • Sailor Venus & Artemis (94)
  • Tuxedo Mask (95)
Let's proceed with the pop!s that we have unboxed where we have all of the vinyl figures from the Sailor Moon series apart from number 90 which is under the Hot Topic exclusive & that is Sailor Moon with Moon Stick & Luna.

"For Love and Justice, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Moon!
In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

Starting off at number 89, we have Sailor Moon (a.k.a Neo-Queen Serenity) and Luna. You might think that Sailor Moon might not be stable once she's out of the box but because of her long hair, she technically has "four legs". Her pigtails are supporting her so she's the most stable Pop! out of the Sailor Moon lineup. Accompanying Sailor Moon, is her black cat with a crescent on her forehead, Luna. Sailor Moon is decked out with her red, white, and blue sailor uniform together with her red boots and her signature hand pose. Even though Sailor Moon is able to stand by herself, there is a clear stand for the Sailor Moon Pop in the box.

A closer look at Luna
Next up at number 91, we have Sailor Mercury who is decked out with her usual blue and white uniform and blue boots and her matching blue hair. Unlike Sailor Moon with her hand pose, Sailor Mercury is shown in the midst of using her special power which has a bubble of some sort. Like Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury comes with a clear stand in her box. As you can see below, Sailor Mercury is unable to stand by herself so she needs the clear stand if you'd like to display her out of her box.

"Protected by Mercury, the planet of water, Guardian of Wisdom, Sailor Mercury!
Douse yourself in water, and repent!"
At number 92, we have Sailor Mars who is in her red & white, paired with her purple bow and red heels. Sailor Mars is shown placing her hands together before she uses her special power. Sailor Mars is also able to stand by herself without the assistance of the clear stand and yes, a clear stand also comes together with her in the box.

"Protected by Mars, the planet of fire, Guardian of War, Sailor Mars!
In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!" 
Up next at number 93, we have Sailor Jupiter in her fighting pose and decked out with her green & white uniform paired with a light pink bow and green boots. Sailor Jupiter is also unable to stand by herself and requires the clear stand if you'd like to display her out of her box.

"Protected by Jupiter, the planet of thunder, Guardian of Protection, Sailor Jupiter!
I'll make you feel so much regret, it'll leave you numb!"
Up next at number 94, we have Sailor Venus (formerly known as Sailor V) and Artemis. Sailor Venus is decked out with her orange and white uniform, paired with a blue bow and orange heels. Like Luna, Artemis also has a crescent on his forehead. Sailor Venus is also unable to stand without the assistance of the clear stand. Even though at least 3 of the Sailor Guardians are unable to stand without the assistance, the clear stand comes in all the boxes of the Sailor Moon lineup.

"Protected by Venus, the planet of beauty, Guardian of Love, Sailor Venus!
Allow me to punish you with the power of love!"
A closer look at Artemis
Finally, we have Tuxedo Mask (a.k.a King Endymion) at number 95. He is decked out in his signature tuxedo, paired with a red cape and top hat. Not forgetting his mask and rose that he will always have with him. As mentioned above, the clear stand is also included in Tuxedo Mask's box but he is able to stand by himself. You might think that his top hat might be heavy and it'll throw off his balance but this Pop is really stable.

Now, for our favourites!

Mark's favourite
Dinesha's favourite
That's all we have for you this week :)

To conclude Unboxing Sunday, Sailor Moon series from Funko Pop! Animation that we have reviewed are available at The Loot Chest for purchase. The price of each Pop!s goes at RM61.10 each & if you purchase 2 or more pop!s, it will be RM58.05 each.

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

This week, we're unboxing and reviewing Mean Girls, which you might've guessed from the title ;)

Who was & is still a fan of Mean Girls where you will watch the film over & over again? We know we are. It has been 12 years since Mean Girls was first released in 2004 where the story surrounds Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), Regina George (Rachel McAdams), Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) & Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried).

In May 2016, under the Pop! Movies category, Funko have released 4 of the main characters in the Mean Girls film which are:

  • Regina (289)
  • Cady (290)
  • Gretchen (291)
  • Karen (292)

Funko's regular Pop! vinyl figures as we are aware are all approximately 3.75 inches tall & the Mean Girls series are no different where Regina, Cady, Gretchen & Karen stands at approximately 3.75 inches tall. The weights of each characters with its boxes are as per below:

  • Regina : 120 grams
  • Cady : 112 grams
  • Gretchen : 112 grams
  • Karen : 120 grams

So who are the above characters? For those who's a fan of the film, let us reminiscent the story of Mean Girls & for those who are new to this, let's walk through on what Mean Girls are all about.

The story follows Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron who is a 16 year-old student who was previously home schooled in Africa. Following her move back to the United States, she attends public school for the first time. Various events occured such as meeting The Plastics: Regina George (alpha & queen bee), Gretchen Wieners, & Karen Smith (Regina's followers); being used by Janis (Cady's first friend at high school) to have her revenge on Regina; having a crush on Aaron Samuels (Regina's ex-boyfriend); Cady turning the tables on Regina; Cady unknowingly becomes a mirror image of Regina; contents of the vicious journal "Burn Book" being spread like wildfire. But in the end all was well when Cady reached out to everyone. 

So does the above bring back memories to fans of  Mean Girls out there & how about those that are new to the film? Does it seem interesting to you and are you planning to watch it? Now that we have settled the story line of this film, the next question would be, how does the Pop! Vinyl of Mean Girls looks like? Well, the answer is that four Funko Pops are wearing the first time they all wore pink together. Don't believe us?

First, let's show you the individual shots of these 4 Funko Pops:

Now, let's take a look at a picture in one of the scenes in the film:

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

You can see how similar Cady, Karen, Gretchen & Regina's hairstyles & apparels when you compare to the movie still and the Mean Girls Funko Pops shown above. Every detail is down to a tee with the "A Little Bit Dramatic" on Regina's shirt except Funko Pop Gretchen holding onto the "Burn Book".

Now of course, time for our favourites!

Dinesha's favourite
Mark's favourite
That's all we have for you this week :) So to conclude Unboxing Sunday, all 4 Mean Girl Pops that we reviewed today are available at The Loot Chest for purchase. The price of each Pop!s goes at RM61.10 each. 

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

It's Morphin' Time!

Last week we have been graced with the brand new trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie that's scheduled to release in March 2017.

To commemorate the release of the first Power Rangers trailer, we decided to unbox and review the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Funko Pop!

*Please note that the White, Red, & Pink Rangers are from our personal collection and they are not for sale at The Loot Chest.
**Green Ranger has yet to teleport to The Loot Chest ;)

So without further ado, let's introduce the rangers.

Regular Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures are 3.75 inches tall & these Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Funko Pop!s are no different where the pop!s are approximately 3.75 inches with the weights between 116 gram to 132 gram including it's case.

Each of these Power Rangers are numbered under the Pop! Television category with the numbers:

Readers might be wondering what's with the huge gap of numbers where the White, Red & Pink are double digits while the Green, Black, Blue & Yellow are in the triple digits numbering. This is because the White, Red & Pink Rangers are in the initial series (which has been vaulted/no longer in production) which was released back in year 2013 while the Green, Black, Blue & Yellow Rangers are the new series & was released this year.

As we are aware, the original Power Rangers are based on dinosaurs where each of these teenagers with attitude are symbolised with their own unique dinosaurs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Funko Pop!s are based on these original Power Rangers that was popular during our childhood & still trending at this moment where a reboot will be in cinemas near you in March 2017.

Below are the rangers with their dinosaur's symbols:
  • White ranger (White Tiger)
  • Red Ranger (Tyrannosaurus) 
  • Pink Ranger (Pterodactyl) 
  • Green Ranger (Dragon) 
  • Black Ranger (Mastodon) 
  • Blue Ranger (Triceratops)
  • Yellow Ranger (Sabertooth Tiger)

The helmets & the symbols on the chest of these Power Rangers Funko Pop!s are based on the above dinosaurs & each of their costumes apart from the White & Green Rangers have similar designs. 

The 5 main rangers of Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini & Kimberly's costumes have shapes of a triangle around their body, gloves & boots. What makes the White & Green Ranger different is that both of them have their shields with the White Ranger's shield made out of black & gold colour with his white tiger symbol at the centre of the shield while the Green Ranger's Dragon Shield is made out of gold colour without any dragon symbol.

Now for our favourites!

Mark's favourite (Personal collection & in-store (soon))
Dinesha's favourite (Personal collection & in-store)
That's all we have for you this week :) So to conclude Unboxing Sunday, the Black, Yellow, & Blue Ranger that we reviewed today are available at The Loot Chest for purchase. The price of each Pop! Ride goes at RM61.10 each. If you are interested in these Pop!s, you can get it at:

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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY DC Comics Wave 2

Continuing from last week's Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY post, as promised we're reviewing Wave 2 of DC Comics!

Similar with the DC trinity of Batman, Wonder Woman & Superman, the packaging for the second wave of DC Comics XXRAY Products are in clear packaging. At the front section of the packaging is the logo of DC Comics & Justice League America as well as the individual number of the vinyl art figures. Apart from that, the XXRAY logo is on the top part of the packaging & at the bottom of one side of the packaging which also shows the character's signature symbol at the centre of the packaging. 

The first vinyl art figure that we will be featuring today has an oath & we believe readers out there will be able to guess which character is it.

The oath goes like 
In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light. 

Yes, it's the Green Lantern & Green Lantern is part of Wave 2 of Mighty Jaxx's DC Comics XXRAY Products where it is numbered at 05 on its packaging. This dissected vinyl art figure stands at 4 inches tall with the weight of approximately 54 grams.

Green Lantern's original packaging
The concept of Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY Products are vinyl figures that allow collectors a gift of X-Ray vision of their favourite characters & this Green Lantern is no different. On the left side of this art figure, the skull, bones & organs of Green Lantern can be seen. Whereas the other side of this dissected vinyl is Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern's suit that we are accustomed to with the classic green mask with green costume where the arms & thighs are black in colour. Apart from that, the Green Lantern's symbol on his chest as well as the green power ring on his white glove can also be seen on this 4 inch hand painted vinyl figure from Mighty Jaxx.

Next up, we have seen a short scene of Aquaman in this year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film & we will be seeing a lot more of Aquaman in next year's Justice League so let us take a look at Mighty Jaxx's Aquaman XXRAY Product which is numbered at 06.

Aquaman's original packaging
Similar to the previous art figures of the DC Comics wave from the XXRAY Products, this vinyl stands at 4 inches tall & the King of Atlantis can be seen holding his Trident of Neptune, a weapon that grants divine right to rule the seas as well as possessing magical powers such as the power to command the seas, control the weather, unleash blasts of lightning & turn living creatures into something else. However do note that his weapon is not removable from the art figure. Arthur Curry aka Aquaman can be seen with his striking yellow coloured hair where half of his body is dissected in X-Ray vision & the other half is in the classic Aquaman suit that is adorned in an orange top & green pants. The appearance of the king of the seven seas include fish scales surrounding the body of this 53 grams art figure as well as a gold belt with the insignia A which represents the symbol of Aquaman. Collectors will also be able to view his green boots that have a pair of fin at the back.

Finally, we have the half human, half machine, Victor Stone who was horrified when he discovered that half of his face & body are replaced with metallic implants during a mishap when he visited his parents' workplace, S.T.A.R Labs. This is where the name Cyborg came about & this is the last character in Wave 2 of Mighty Jaxx's DC Comics XXRAY Products.

Cyborg's original packaging
Approximately 3/4 of Cyborg with the number 07 is covered with grey armored suit & collectors out there will be able to view this DC Superhero's original face on the right side of the art figure as well as cyborg's head & skull on the left side of the dissected vinyl. This XXRAY product weighs approximately 65 grams & has a similar height with other vinyl figures from the DC Comics XXRAY line which is at 4 inches tall.

Now you must be wondering, last week was 01, 02, & 03. This week is 05, 06, & 07. Where's 04? Sadly we were unable to get a hold of 04 The Flash in time for the review. :(

Time for our favourites! :)

Mark & Dinesha's favourite

That's all we have for you this week :) So to conclude this week's Unboxing Sunday, Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY DC Comics will be available in January 2017. Those in Malaysia who are interested in being retailers for this product may contact us at 

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