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Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY DC Comics Wave 2

Continuing from last week's Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY post, as promised we're reviewing Wave 2 of DC Comics!

Similar with the DC trinity of Batman, Wonder Woman & Superman, the packaging for the second wave of DC Comics XXRAY Products are in clear packaging. At the front section of the packaging is the logo of DC Comics & Justice League America as well as the individual number of the vinyl art figures. Apart from that, the XXRAY logo is on the top part of the packaging & at the bottom of one side of the packaging which also shows the character's signature symbol at the centre of the packaging. 

The first vinyl art figure that we will be featuring today has an oath & we believe readers out there will be able to guess which character is it.

The oath goes like 
In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light. 

Yes, it's the Green Lantern & Green Lantern is part of Wave 2 of Mighty Jaxx's DC Comics XXRAY Products where it is numbered at 05 on its packaging. This dissected vinyl art figure stands at 4 inches tall with the weight of approximately 54 grams.

Green Lantern's original packaging
The concept of Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY Products are vinyl figures that allow collectors a gift of X-Ray vision of their favourite characters & this Green Lantern is no different. On the left side of this art figure, the skull, bones & organs of Green Lantern can be seen. Whereas the other side of this dissected vinyl is Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern's suit that we are accustomed to with the classic green mask with green costume where the arms & thighs are black in colour. Apart from that, the Green Lantern's symbol on his chest as well as the green power ring on his white glove can also be seen on this 4 inch hand painted vinyl figure from Mighty Jaxx.

Next up, we have seen a short scene of Aquaman in this year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film & we will be seeing a lot more of Aquaman in next year's Justice League so let us take a look at Mighty Jaxx's Aquaman XXRAY Product which is numbered at 06.

Aquaman's original packaging
Similar to the previous art figures of the DC Comics wave from the XXRAY Products, this vinyl stands at 4 inches tall & the King of Atlantis can be seen holding his Trident of Neptune, a weapon that grants divine right to rule the seas as well as possessing magical powers such as the power to command the seas, control the weather, unleash blasts of lightning & turn living creatures into something else. However do note that his weapon is not removable from the art figure. Arthur Curry aka Aquaman can be seen with his striking yellow coloured hair where half of his body is dissected in X-Ray vision & the other half is in the classic Aquaman suit that is adorned in an orange top & green pants. The appearance of the king of the seven seas include fish scales surrounding the body of this 53 grams art figure as well as a gold belt with the insignia A which represents the symbol of Aquaman. Collectors will also be able to view his green boots that have a pair of fin at the back.

Finally, we have the half human, half machine, Victor Stone who was horrified when he discovered that half of his face & body are replaced with metallic implants during a mishap when he visited his parents' workplace, S.T.A.R Labs. This is where the name Cyborg came about & this is the last character in Wave 2 of Mighty Jaxx's DC Comics XXRAY Products.

Cyborg's original packaging
Approximately 3/4 of Cyborg with the number 07 is covered with grey armored suit & collectors out there will be able to view this DC Superhero's original face on the right side of the art figure as well as cyborg's head & skull on the left side of the dissected vinyl. This XXRAY product weighs approximately 65 grams & has a similar height with other vinyl figures from the DC Comics XXRAY line which is at 4 inches tall.

Now you must be wondering, last week was 01, 02, & 03. This week is 05, 06, & 07. Where's 04? Sadly we were unable to get a hold of 04 The Flash in time for the review. :(

Time for our favourites! :)

Mark & Dinesha's favourite

That's all we have for you this week :) So to conclude this week's Unboxing Sunday, Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY DC Comics will be available in January 2017. Those in Malaysia who are interested in being retailers for this product may contact us at 

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Till next Sunday!!!

-Dinesha & Mark

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