Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hi readers! How was your week? Hope it's a good one.

Where do we begin? Hmmmmm.

In conjunction with Disney's new film where the release date in Malaysia is on 1st December 2016, we decided to unbox some vinyl figures from Moana. The voice casts of Disney's Moana include the voices of Auli'i Cravalho as Moana Waialiki, Dwayne Johnson as Maui & Nicole Scherzinger as Sina Waialiki. 

Funko announced there will be 9 different vinyl figures from the film Moana where these Funko Pop!s was released late October / early November 2016. 

So what are those 9?

First of all, there will be a 2 pack of Moana with Kakamora which leaves us with 8 more designs where 6 of the designs are several variations of Moana. There is a Moana with her spear & pet pig Pua which is a Target exclusive & a Walmart exclusive of Moana in her voyager outfit. Apart from that, there are 2 variations that are only available at Hot Topic where those 2 are Moana as a young girl & Moana as a seated young girl. The last 2 variations of Moana are the regular pop!s where 1 of it would be Moana with Pua & the other a Young Moana. 

The remaining designs from this series would be Maui where there are 2 variations of him that are Maui with his magical hook which is a regular pop! & a B&N exclusive of Maui with his raised magical hook. 

So which Funko Pop! Disney's Moana will we be unboxing today? It will be the 3 regular pop!s & those are:
  • Moana & Pua (213)
  • Maui (214)
  • Young Moana (215)

There may be some spoilers of the movie below as we take a look at the characters of Moana, Pua & Maui but we will try not to elaborate too much on the characters. Without further a do, let's take a look at how each individual pop!s look like.

The first vinyl figure that we unbox was Moana & her pet pig, Pua. This pop! is numbered at 213 in the Pop! Disney category. Moana Waialiki in this Funko Pop! is a grown up teenager & she has the responsibility of becoming the next chief of her island, Motonui as per her father's request. However, she has her own dreams which is to leave the island despite her father's law that forbids anyone from leaving the island.

On the other hand, Pua is Moana's pet pig where this cute little pet acts as Moana's sidekick & Pua was with Moana since her childhood right up till the time she went beyond the island's barrier. However, Pua ran back to Motonui in fear as he was traumatised when Moana & himself almost drowned.
A closer look at Pua

Next up is demigod Maui where Dwayne Johnson voice this character. Maui has a fish hook on this pop! which is numbered at 214 under the Pop! Disney category. One thing that stands out when you hold this pop! would be the weight of this vinyl figure where it weighs at 240 gram. If you are wondering what his fish hook does, well, it's not an ordinary fish hook & let's not give anything away so you should watch the movie to find out what it can do :P However, we can tell you that many years ago, Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti where it is a small stone that has the power to create life.

A young Moana & awwwwww, isn't she cute? Take a look at the below picture. Young Moana under Pop! Disney is numbered at 215 & in the film, young Moana was the one that discover the heart that Maui stoled when she was collecting shells near the ocean. Young Moana vinyl figure can't stand on it's own or it will be quite a difficult task to do so but not to worry folks, there is a transparent standee given in the box that will be the base for this vinyl figure.

Now, for our favourites:

Dinesha's favourite

Mark's favourite

It's quite a short blog for today as there are only 3 pop!s that we unbox in this series & we wouldn't want to be a spoiler by typing too much about the movie so we will catch up with our reader's next week for more Unboxing Sunday. All right? 

That's all folks!

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

LoC Batman Villains

What's up readers?

Any DC Comics fans out there? We know we are & we are just in time to review the new collector box from DC Comics which we just received earlier this week. And the theme for this bi-monthly DC Legion of Collectors is Batman Villains.

Where do we begin? Well, let's start with the box itself & trust us, you will definitely notice the huge box from afar with the blue drawings of The Joker. Compared to previous collector boxes from DC, this Batman Villains box is slightly or perhaps a quarter size larger than normal. It could be because this time, there's a cap, mug, Dorbz as well as an exclusive pop! in there. Well, could what we just type considered as a sneak peak to what's in the box? Definitely.

Like most DC subscription boxes, the first 2 items that can be seen when the box is open would be the patch & pin of the said boxes. As it is a villain theme so we can expect this collector box to be filled with villains. Just like the Doctor Strange MCC, when you open the Batman Villains box, you're able to see the drawings of various Batman Villains on the inner part of the box.

The design of the patch is based on the character of Bane, the super strength foe of Batman that gets his strength from a strength serum. That's strength 3 times in 1 sentence & it shows how strong Bane is.

Beside the patch is the pin & the pin has the character of an intelligent enemy of Batman. Any guess who could it be? Here is a hint, Jim Carrey portrayed this character in the 1995 Batman Forever film. Got the answer already? A pat on the back for all those who have guessed the Riddler & we will review more on the Riddler in a short while because there's another item in this box that is related to this character.

Next up, should we take a look at the exclusive pop!? Not so fast folks, let's create some anticipation & we will skip this first & have a look at the cap. A greyish pop! snapback with a face of the joker pop! at the front & a J on the back that represents Joker's name.  That's the cap that you will get from this collector box & do take note that pop! snapbacks are exclusive to Funko subscription boxes so you won't be able to have one of this out in the market unless you purchase the box itself.

If you can't get enough with the cap that has the face of the Joker pop! (or your favourite villain is the Joker), well, here is a good news as you can get more of the prince of crime with the ceramic mug that is included in this box. The mug's concept is based on the joker pop! with his face being the mug itself. So what colour is the mug? Well, the colours of the Joker of course; white, green with a little yellow & purple, those colours.

Hands up for those of our readers that love that tiny cute little Dorbz? Yes yes, there is a Dorbz in this collector box & Two-Face is the name. Pretty sure all of us knows who Two-Face is, right? A sad & tragic story of Gotham's former district attorney, Harvey Dent who later became the Two-Face after an acid attack left half his face disfigured, that's him, the criminal obsessed with duality.

The Dorbz box has a seal so we unboxed Two-Face from our personal collection

Riddle me this & riddle me that, how can we know how Edward Nygma became the prince of mischief? Well, one way would be by having a look at the comic book that is in this box. This issue which was written by Raw Fawkes & Scott Snyder will give you a rough idea how Edward Nygma became the Riddler.

All right, did we forget anything? Guess not. So to end this week's unboxing Sunday............ Hold on, wait a minute, wasn't there supposed to be an exclusive pop! some where here? Well, there is & it's no other than the classic Catwoman which is numbered at 136 in the pop! Heroes category.

Compared to the modern outfit that was worn by Julie Newmar in the 1960s Batman TV series or Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns or even Anne Hatheway in The Dark Knight Rises, this Catwoman pop! was based on the 1940's classic Catwoman with her purple & green outfit. What's more? This outfit comes with a cape as well as a cowl.

Patch & pin checked, cap plus the ceramic mug checked, Dorbz, comic book as well as the exclusive pop! checked. It looks like it's the end of our unboxing for November's DC Legion of Collectors & judging by the poster that was included in this box, the next DC collector box that will be released in January 2017 would be DC Legacy. Fingers crossed, hopefully it would be a good one. Fret not, we will definitely review it. :)

To end our blog, here are our favourites!
Dinesha's favourite
Mark's favourite

That's all folks! ;)

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

It's Sunday today & when it comes to Sunday, it means that The Loot Chest has a new post for our Unboxing Sunday. So what's this week's Unboxing Sunday is going to be about? Last week, we reviewed Doctor Strange's Marvel Collector Corps which was in line with the movie that was released at the end of October 2016. So we were thinking let's continue with this trend since there will be a new film coming out on 17th November 2016 in Malaysia which is a few days from now. What's this new film you asked? It's no other than Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them (which we will shorten to Fantastic Beasts for this blog post) which was written by J.K Rowling.

You must be wondering, where did this mysterious book pop up from nowhere? Or when did J.K. Rowling write this book? This book is actually a textbook from Hogwarts (which we muggles are able to purchase from our usual bookstores) written by Newt Scamander (our lead for Fantastic Beasts). Basically, the Fantastic Beasts movie follows the adventures of Newt Scamander prior to him writing the Hogwarts textbook.

When there is new film like this one then there are sure to be new Funko Pop!s for it & true enough, Funko have released some pretty nice looking vinyl figures for Fantastic Beasts. There are 8 characters in total that Funko have released for this series where some characters has the regular pop!s as well as the exclusive ones.

The pop!s Funko have released are:

Newt Scamander (01) - SDCC 2016 Exclusive
Newt Scamander (02)
Queenie Goldstein (03)
Tina Goldstein (04)
Jacob Kowalski (05)
Seraphina Picquery (06)
Percival Graves (07)
Niffler (08)
Flocked Niffler (08) - Hot Topic Exclusive
Niffler (09) - Target Exclusive

We're grateful that we're able to unbox 8 pop!s this week from Fantastic Beast where 1 of it is an exclusive from SDCC 2016 (taken from our personal collection) so without further ado, let's scroll down & have a look at the pop!s. Also, we'll add a little bit of background of the characters.

First up, we have Newt Scamander played by Eddie Redmayne. A brief background about Newt; born Newton Artemis Fido Scamander in 1897 and he's the first well-known Hufflepuff. In 1918, he was commissioned to write Fantastic Beasts and soon became a best-seller and later on became a textbook for Hogwarts. Newt Scamander numbered at 01, which is a SDCC 2016 edition; shows Newt holding his wand and suitcase, dressed exactly as shown in the Fantastic Beasts trailer.

Next up numbered at number 2, is also Newt but instead of holding his suitcase and a scarf around his neck, he's seen with a magical creature egg.

At number 3, is Queenie Goldstein played by Alison Sudol is seen with her wand and decked out in a blue dress. Little is known about Queenie and we wouldn't want to spoil the movie for you by letting you know what she has accomplished.

Next up at number 4, we have Tina Goldstein (full name Porpentina Esther Goldstein), Queenie's older sister. Dressed in a simple blouse, pants, jacket, boots, beanie, and is holding her wand. Tina is played by Katherine Waterston.

At number 5, we have Jacob Kowalski, a No-Maj (American term for Muggles) and is played by Dan Fogler. Also, little is known about Jacob. So we would have to watch the movie to find out more about him! He is seen wearing an helmet and armour of sorts and underneath it is a normal suit.

Next up, we have Seraphina Picquery, played by Carmen Ejogo. Seraphina is the President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA). To us, she looks extremely grand with her headdress and paired with a glorious robe/dress.

At number 7, we have Percival Graves who is played by Colin Farrel. Percival is the Director of Magical Security and also the head of MACUSA's Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He's wearing a three-piece suit and is seen holding his wand.

Finally at number 8, we have Niffler. Niffler was first introduced in the fourth book of Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire). Nifflers are creatures coated with fluffy black fur with a long snout. They are attracted to shiny things (that is why Niffler pop is seen with gold coins). Nifflers also have belly pouches so they can store their shiny treasures.

For those of you who have already watched the trailer, you would've noticed that all the pops that we reviewed are dressed exactly as in the trailer. For those of you who have not seen the trailer, we will leave the trailer here for you to have a look at it.

Are you as excited as we are for the movie??

Now, for our favourites!

Mark's favourite
Dinesha's favourite (since she can't decide which is better)

That's all we have for you this week :)

To conclude Unboxing Sunday, Funko Pop! Fantastic Beast (numbers 2 to 8) that we have reviewed are available at The Loot Chest for purchase. It looks like Newt Scamander (02), Seraphina Picquery (06) & Niffler (08) are the current best sellers in our store.

What is the price for our regular Funko Pop!s?
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Sunday, 6 November 2016

MCC Doctor Strange

November November November, 2016 is already coming to an end! Also, this November, it's a Doctor Strange month as the film was released not too long ago in Malaysia. Have our readers watched the film in theatres yet? 

With November being a Doctor Strange's month & for those who are die hard fans of this Marvel character, here are some questions for you:
  • Do you want to be one of them who owns an Exclusive POP! Doctor Strange vinyl figure?  
  • Would you like to wear a Doctor Strange POP! tee shirt? 
  • Do you like to read a Doctor Strange's comic book & while reading it, would you like to drink your coffee (or tea or milk or your favourite beverage) in a Doctor Strange's mug?
If it's a yes, then look no further! Doctor Strange's Marvel Collectors Corps contains all of the above in one box. Yes, that's true, a Doctor Strange Exclusive POP!, a Doctor Strange tee with a comic book & a mug, all in one box. 

Looks like this is our shortest blog to date, with all the details being said in 3 to 4 paragraphs so that is a wrap readers, thank you & till next Sunday.



We are just kidding, let's open up our first collector corps & have a look at what's inside it. 

Here we go..

When you first open up this Marvel Collector Corps, you will see a badge & a pin of ... Doctor Strange of course. Both the badge & the pin has a Marvel Collector Corps wording where the badge has the image of the man himself where he shows off his metaphysical abilities. The pin has an unique design that shows the image the Eye of Agamotto. For those of you who follows the comics or watched the movie already know what the Eye of Agamotto is. But for those of who do not know what the Eye of Agamotto is... It's the amulet that Stephen Strange wears on his chest & it has various uses (which we do not want to spoil for you if don't follow the comics and have not seen the movie)

We can't help but notice the drawings of this collector corps which is drawn in red & which of the 3 could be the image of the drawings shown in the box?

a). Drawings of The Ancient One & Kaecilius

b). Drawings of the Eye of Agamotto & Doctor Strange
c). Drawings of Doctor Strange & Mordo

Bravo for those of you who have guessed B which is a drawing of the Eye of Agamotto & Doctor Strange.

Let's proceed to the next stage which are the creme de la creme of this collector box which are the shirt, vinyl figure, mug & comic book.

Here is how the POP! tee looks like which features the sorcerer supreme himself:

A closer look at the design

p/s : This is a medium size shirt & it is in US measurement so for those who are like us from Asia, it will be wise to get 1 size smaller when purchasing your collector box.

Next up is the Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive POP! which is a bobble-head Doctor Strange meditating pose POP!. What makes this POP! unique is it's clear plastic yellow with gold glitter figure & the way the cloak of levitation is supporting this vinyl figure. One word, amazing.

A view of what we mean by the cloak of levitation supporting the Pop!
This might sound like a cheesy advertisement but... Care for a new house ware? This ceramic mug can be found in the box & what makes the box a little heavy is most likely due to this POP! mug. So readers, let's put some magic to your morning, Doctor Strange style.

This is how the comic looks like with it's title : Doctor Strange & The Sorcerers Supreme.

The next Marvel Collector Corps would feature a X-Men theme as what we got from this poster *can't wait to unbox it*

 Now, for our favourites!

Mark & Dinesha's favourite
That's all we have for you this week :) 

The whole November MCC content

 To conclude Unboxing Sunday, the Doctor Strange November Marvel Collector Corps that we have reviewed are available at The Loot Chest for purchase. The price of the collector box goes at RM300.

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