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LoC Batman Villains

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Any DC Comics fans out there? We know we are & we are just in time to review the new collector box from DC Comics which we just received earlier this week. And the theme for this bi-monthly DC Legion of Collectors is Batman Villains.

Where do we begin? Well, let's start with the box itself & trust us, you will definitely notice the huge box from afar with the blue drawings of The Joker. Compared to previous collector boxes from DC, this Batman Villains box is slightly or perhaps a quarter size larger than normal. It could be because this time, there's a cap, mug, Dorbz as well as an exclusive pop! in there. Well, could what we just type considered as a sneak peak to what's in the box? Definitely.

Like most DC subscription boxes, the first 2 items that can be seen when the box is open would be the patch & pin of the said boxes. As it is a villain theme so we can expect this collector box to be filled with villains. Just like the Doctor Strange MCC, when you open the Batman Villains box, you're able to see the drawings of various Batman Villains on the inner part of the box.

The design of the patch is based on the character of Bane, the super strength foe of Batman that gets his strength from a strength serum. That's strength 3 times in 1 sentence & it shows how strong Bane is.

Beside the patch is the pin & the pin has the character of an intelligent enemy of Batman. Any guess who could it be? Here is a hint, Jim Carrey portrayed this character in the 1995 Batman Forever film. Got the answer already? A pat on the back for all those who have guessed the Riddler & we will review more on the Riddler in a short while because there's another item in this box that is related to this character.

Next up, should we take a look at the exclusive pop!? Not so fast folks, let's create some anticipation & we will skip this first & have a look at the cap. A greyish pop! snapback with a face of the joker pop! at the front & a J on the back that represents Joker's name.  That's the cap that you will get from this collector box & do take note that pop! snapbacks are exclusive to Funko subscription boxes so you won't be able to have one of this out in the market unless you purchase the box itself.

If you can't get enough with the cap that has the face of the Joker pop! (or your favourite villain is the Joker), well, here is a good news as you can get more of the prince of crime with the ceramic mug that is included in this box. The mug's concept is based on the joker pop! with his face being the mug itself. So what colour is the mug? Well, the colours of the Joker of course; white, green with a little yellow & purple, those colours.

Hands up for those of our readers that love that tiny cute little Dorbz? Yes yes, there is a Dorbz in this collector box & Two-Face is the name. Pretty sure all of us knows who Two-Face is, right? A sad & tragic story of Gotham's former district attorney, Harvey Dent who later became the Two-Face after an acid attack left half his face disfigured, that's him, the criminal obsessed with duality.

The Dorbz box has a seal so we unboxed Two-Face from our personal collection

Riddle me this & riddle me that, how can we know how Edward Nygma became the prince of mischief? Well, one way would be by having a look at the comic book that is in this box. This issue which was written by Raw Fawkes & Scott Snyder will give you a rough idea how Edward Nygma became the Riddler.

All right, did we forget anything? Guess not. So to end this week's unboxing Sunday............ Hold on, wait a minute, wasn't there supposed to be an exclusive pop! some where here? Well, there is & it's no other than the classic Catwoman which is numbered at 136 in the pop! Heroes category.

Compared to the modern outfit that was worn by Julie Newmar in the 1960s Batman TV series or Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns or even Anne Hatheway in The Dark Knight Rises, this Catwoman pop! was based on the 1940's classic Catwoman with her purple & green outfit. What's more? This outfit comes with a cape as well as a cowl.

Patch & pin checked, cap plus the ceramic mug checked, Dorbz, comic book as well as the exclusive pop! checked. It looks like it's the end of our unboxing for November's DC Legion of Collectors & judging by the poster that was included in this box, the next DC collector box that will be released in January 2017 would be DC Legacy. Fingers crossed, hopefully it would be a good one. Fret not, we will definitely review it. :)

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