Sunday, 16 October 2016

It's Morphin' Time!

Last week we have been graced with the brand new trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie that's scheduled to release in March 2017.

To commemorate the release of the first Power Rangers trailer, we decided to unbox and review the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Funko Pop!

*Please note that the White, Red, & Pink Rangers are from our personal collection and they are not for sale at The Loot Chest.
**Green Ranger has yet to teleport to The Loot Chest ;)

So without further ado, let's introduce the rangers.

Regular Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures are 3.75 inches tall & these Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Funko Pop!s are no different where the pop!s are approximately 3.75 inches with the weights between 116 gram to 132 gram including it's case.

Each of these Power Rangers are numbered under the Pop! Television category with the numbers:

Readers might be wondering what's with the huge gap of numbers where the White, Red & Pink are double digits while the Green, Black, Blue & Yellow are in the triple digits numbering. This is because the White, Red & Pink Rangers are in the initial series (which has been vaulted/no longer in production) which was released back in year 2013 while the Green, Black, Blue & Yellow Rangers are the new series & was released this year.

As we are aware, the original Power Rangers are based on dinosaurs where each of these teenagers with attitude are symbolised with their own unique dinosaurs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Funko Pop!s are based on these original Power Rangers that was popular during our childhood & still trending at this moment where a reboot will be in cinemas near you in March 2017.

Below are the rangers with their dinosaur's symbols:
  • White ranger (White Tiger)
  • Red Ranger (Tyrannosaurus) 
  • Pink Ranger (Pterodactyl) 
  • Green Ranger (Dragon) 
  • Black Ranger (Mastodon) 
  • Blue Ranger (Triceratops)
  • Yellow Ranger (Sabertooth Tiger)

The helmets & the symbols on the chest of these Power Rangers Funko Pop!s are based on the above dinosaurs & each of their costumes apart from the White & Green Rangers have similar designs. 

The 5 main rangers of Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini & Kimberly's costumes have shapes of a triangle around their body, gloves & boots. What makes the White & Green Ranger different is that both of them have their shields with the White Ranger's shield made out of black & gold colour with his white tiger symbol at the centre of the shield while the Green Ranger's Dragon Shield is made out of gold colour without any dragon symbol.

Now for our favourites!

Mark's favourite (Personal collection & in-store (soon))
Dinesha's favourite (Personal collection & in-store)
That's all we have for you this week :) So to conclude Unboxing Sunday, the Black, Yellow, & Blue Ranger that we reviewed today are available at The Loot Chest for purchase. The price of each Pop! Ride goes at RM61.10 each. If you are interested in these Pop!s, you can get it at:

The Loot Chest Sdn Bhd

Da Men 04-23
No 1 Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1
47600 Subang Jaya

Thank you for reading this week's Unboxing Sunday & do continue to support,

Till next Sunday!!!

-Dinesha & Mark

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