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Pop! Rides Hogwarts Express

All aboard the Hogwarts Express! 1st September marks the day where students return to Hogwarts for their new school year and it has been almost a month since then. This week we bring you the 3 Pop! Rides from Harry Potter! Let us bring you through Platform 9 3/4 to have a look at the Hogwarts Express Pop! Rides.

First up, let's take a look at the first Pop! Rides of our unboxing Sunday & it is none other than Hogwarts Express Engine with Harry Potter that is numbered at 20. The engine is the head of the Hogwarts Express that has a length of 8.5 inches long & the Harry Potter vinyl figure that is included with this engine is approximately 3.5 inches tall.

In our opinion, the details of the Hogwarts Express Engine is pretty impressive where it looks like an actual engine of the Hogwarts Express. The front rear of the ride has the Hogwarts Express tag with the number 5972 & 10A. Apart from this, on both sides of the ride, there are tags which read Hogwarts Castle & the number 5972. There is a small compartment at the back of the ride that allows you to put 1 or in this case, the Harry Potter vinyl figure in the compartment.

It will be awesome if the rides have movable wheels, however, the wheels of the Pop! Rides are not movable. If you take a look at the back of the engine, there is a hook that is visible & if you do not know about it yet, the hook allows you to combine all 3 of the Hogwarts Express (the engine & 2 carriages) which will make it into the complete set of the impressive Hogwarts Express.

Next up of this line of Pop! Rides would be the 2 carriages that carries Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger where Ron is numbered at 21 while Hermione is numbered at 22. Like the Hogwarts Express Engine with Harry Potter, both this carriages comes with its own vinyl figure that has a similar size of 3.5 inches tall. The sizes of both carriages are also 8.5 inches long which is the same length with the engine that carries Harry. 

There is a reason it is called carriage & these Pop! Rides have an empty compartment on top of the carriages where 1 compartment is spacious enough to put 2 vinyl figures on top of it. If you are planning to display your Funko Rides or Pop!s, we would recommend you to put a few more characters of the Harry Potter wave on top of this compartments, it will look great for display purpose. 

The 2 carriages of Ron & Hermione are similar in details where at the front & back of the ride, there is A1 written on the carriage. Apart from that, at the side of the carriages, the number 99720 is written. The carriages are finished with painted windows on it & both has it own hook & hole where as said before, you are able to combine all 3 sets of this line of Pop! Rides to make it into the Hogwarts Express. 

Now for the Pop!s that are included with the Pop! Rides, the vinyl figures in the Hogwarts Express Engine (20), Hogwarts Express Carriage (21) & (22) looks smaller than the normal regular Funko Pop! that are available out there in the market. Harry's clothing is quite detailed with a tug in tees covered with a checkered suit, a belt with pants & his clothing is completed with a pair of shoes. You will be able to turn Harry's head 360 degrees & Harry's broken spectacles that is held together by sellotape can be seen on this vinyl figure.

Apart from that, his signature scar in the shape of a lightning-bolt is visible on his forehead. Like all Harry Potter's fans out there knows, this lightning-bolt scar is the result of a failed murder attempt of Lord Voldemort when he struck a 15-month old Harry with the Killing Curse. 

Ron's vinyl figure has his signature hair colour where he looks pretty smart in his sweater, jacket & long pants with shoes. If you take a closer look at the vinyl figure, he is actually holding a chocolate frog in his right hand & a box of chocolate frog in his left hand. 

For Hermione, her thick hair stands out which you can instantly recognise her Pop!. Just like in the movies as well as novels, Hermione is carrying books with her as well as sporting the Hogwarts robe.

Fun fact: our trio from the Wizarding World are wearing what they wore the first time they met on the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Now, for our favourites!

Both Mark & Dinesha's favourite
Mark's favourite Pop!
Dinesha's favourite Pop!

That's all we have for you this week :) So to conclude Unboxing Sunday, the 3 Pop! Rides that we reviewed today are available at The Loot Chest for purchase. The price of each Pop! Ride goes at RM159.90 each. If you are interested in these Pop! Rides, you can get it at:

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