Sunday, 11 September 2016

Go Go Power Rangers !!!

Here is our first Unboxing Sunday !!! A Haven for Product Reviews from The Loot Chest.

Our very first product that we are going to unbox & review will bring back some childhood memories for some of us & it is none other than *drum roll* please.......... One of our newest action vinyls in store, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by The Loyal Subjects.

For those of you who aren't aware, these action vinyls are 3-inches tall & are packaged in a blind box, something similar to the Funko Pop! Mystery Minis. The ones we have in store are from Wave 1 which consists of 11 characters & one master carton contains 16 single boxes.

Here are the list of characters from Wave 1 as well as the ratios of obtaining the characters:

The Heroes:                      
Red Ranger (2/16)            
Blue Ranger (2/16)            
Black Ranger (1/24)          
Yellow Ranger (2/16)          
Pink Ranger (2/16)
White Ranger (1/48)

The Villains:
Lord Zedd (2/16)
Rita Repulsa (2/16)
Goldar (2/16)
Green Ranger *Note that the Sword of Darkness was in Tommy's possession (2/16)

Let's take 2/16 as an example of how the ratios work. If it states that it is 2/16, it means there is a possibility of getting 2 of these characters in a master carton of 16.

Counting the above heroes & villains adds up to 10 characters but we mentioned that there are 11 characters in Wave 1. So who's that mystery figure? We will reveal it towards the end of this blog post for those of you that don't mind ;)

So us with our itchy hands, we unboxed 8 figures in total & first up, we'll introduce the rangers that we have unboxed. The first box that we opened was *drumroll* again please.......... Billy the Blue Ranger! Next up, we managed to get Zack/Black Ranger which has a 1/24 ratio (1st of the 3 rare figures listed on the box).

The third ranger we got was Tommy/Green Ranger and lastly, Jason the Red Ranger was our last ranger box. In our opinion, Jason's vinyl looks the most like him. For the villains, we managed to pull out Lord Zedd & Goldar.

You might be wondering, why are there only 6 when we unboxed 8? That's because we got another Lord Zedd & Tommy/Green Ranger :(

Each figures are fully posable where their hands, body & legs can be adjusted / move. Each figures comes with several weapons apart from Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Goldar & the White Ranger which only have 1 weapon.

There are 2 weapons each for the Red, Blue, Black, Pink & Yellow Rangers where else there are 3 weapons for the Green Ranger. In addition to the special features, the helmet on the rangers are removable & Tommy, Kimberly as well as Trini's ponytails can be attach or detach to your liking.

Tommy with his attachable/detachable ponytail.
Out of all the boxes, these are our personal favourites:
Dinesha's favourite
Mark's favourite
To conclude our very first Unboxing Sunday !!!, as promised, we will reveal the mystery figure that we have not mention.......... Ready? .......... It's the Red Ranger with the dragon shield & dragon dagger which have a whopping 1/96 chance which brings us to 1 in every 6 master carton.

The mystery ranger does look cool when we took a look at how it looks like on google. *Apologies as we don't have the picture of the mystery ranger as we didn't had the mystery ranger luck when we open up the boxes.

To compensate that, here is the link (for those of you who dislike spoilers) if you would like to have a look at how the red ranger with the dragon shield & dragon dagger looks like:
Mystery Ranger in Series 1

The price of each vinyls goes at RM65.00 per figure & if you are interested in getting one of these action vinyls, you can get it at:

The Loot Chest Sdn Bhd
Da Men 04-23
No 1 Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1
47600 Subang Jaya


Our online store as per the link below:

Thank you for reading our first Unboxing Sunday & do continue to support,

Till next Sunday!!!

-Dinesha & Mark

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