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DC Impopsters

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Welcome to another blog of our Unboxing Sunday! Today's theme would be Imposters from the Pop! Heroes line.

In May 2016, Funko introduced a new line of vinyls from the Pop! Heroes category which are numbered from 122 to 128 & the designs of these vinyls are Imposters.

What are Imposters? First of all, it's basically a word play on "Imposters" & "Pop". Basically, you will find the villains of Batman impersonating the dark knight in these Imposter series from Funko Pop! Heroes. The villains include The Penguin, Two-face, Scarecrow, The Riddler, Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn. Speaking of Harley Quinn, she even impersonates Batgirl in these series.

So let's get our unboxing started where we take a look at each of these pop! individually & we will leave some quotes that was said by the villains in animations & movies that we are pretty sure that you have come across.

"You are just jealous cause I'm a freak & you have to wear a mask!" 
- The Penguin from Batman Returns
First up at number 122, we have The Penguin all decked out in his signature tailcoat suit & monocle which basically looks like The Penguin-inspired Batsuit.

"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"
- Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight

Next up at 123, we have Two-Face, formerly known as Harvey Dent also in a Two-Face-inspired Batsuit. Half of him is in a yellow suit and the other deformed half is in a purple/pin-striped suit.

"What was that? I should kill everyone & escape? 
Sorry.. that voices. I am kidding ! That's not what they really said"
- Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

At number 124, we have Harley Quinn! but as Batman. Of course he's dressed in Harley's signature black and red signature Harlequin suit.

Your guilt has been determined. 
This is merely a sentencing hearing. Now, what will it be? 
Death or Exile?
- Dr Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow from The Dark Knight Rises

Next at 125, we have Scarecrow in of course, Scarecrow-themed Batsuit. Complete with the signature Scarecrow stitched smile.

I will help you solve the greatest riddler of all.. Who is Batman?
- The Riddler from Batman Forever

"Is that really you Batman? Has someone SWITCHED places with you?" NO! It's The Riddler "impopstering" as the dark knight at number 126. We would definitely know it's the Riddler, seeing as there is a huge question mark on his forehead as well as his chest.

"& here you thought I was just another bubble-headed, blonde bimbo.. 
Well, the joke's on you, I am not even a real blonde"
- Harley Quinn

At number 127, we have another Harley! But this time, she's as Batgirl. Just like number 124, she's all decked out in her signature red & black coloured Harlequin suit.

"As I told lady Freeze when I pulled her plug, this is a one-woman show"
- Poison Ivy from Batman & Robin

Finally, we have Poison Ivy at number 128. Just like the rest of the impopsters, she's also dressed in a Poison Ivy-themed Batsuit(?). Look at all that green.

Time for our favourites,

Mark's favourite 

Dinesha's favourite

Now, it's your turn to grab some Funko Pop! Heroes Imposters. Out of these 7 designs, which one is your favourite? 

If you are interested, the price of each pop! goes at RM 61.10 per figure or if you are buying 2 or more pops!, it will be RM 58.05 each. 

You can get it at:

The Loot Chest Sdn Bhd
Da Men 04-23
No 1 Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1
47600 Subang Jaya

Now that we have the whole series all together, we have an announcement to make. 

As some of you followers are aware of, we are currently doing a week of Unboxing Sunday through our blog post & another week through our YouTube channel. With this being said, we have decided that starting from next week onwards, we are going to do videos of our Unboxing Sunday EVERY WEEK ! Yup, that's right, every single week of Unboxing Sunday! through videos on our YouTube channel. So this is basically our last written Unboxing Sunday and thank you for supporting us! We will see you next week, on YouTube! :)

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That's all we have for you this week. 

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